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music to comfort & disturb


Kim is a composer and musician working in London, UK. He began playing the violin at age 7, took up the guitar and dropped the violin (although he kept the bow) at 13, and spent his early teens trying to become Jimmy Page. Rescued from a life in Prog Rock by Dr Feelgood, and after several years of punk, new wave, psychobilly and ska, Kim decided that life in a sweaty van with 3 blokes he hated wasn't a sensible career goal, and he signed up to the London International Film School to learn how to write music to picture. While there he scored several prize-winning shorts. He has written and played scores for feature films, (Credo, Pink Pumpkins at Dawn), documentaries (Microbirth, Freedom for Birth, Doulah!, Real Birth Stories), commercial video and theatre.

Kim plays guitar, piano, saxophone, samples, loops, effects and noises. 

Composition Credits          

  • 2018   One World Birth (Documentary) (announced) 

  • 2017   Close Encounters of the Literal Kind, Literally (Short) 

  • 2015   #MurderSelfie (Short) 

  • 2015   From Earth (Short) 

  • 2014   Looking for Vi (Short)

  • 2014   Microbirth (Documentary) 

  • 2014   CD Release - Halflight on Ravello Records

  • 2012   Freedom for Birth (Documentary) 

  • 2012   The Wish (Composer: additional music) 

  • 2012   CD Release on Ravello Records - Birdsong In Mist

  • 2010   Blue Eyed Son (Short) 

  • 2010   Trouble Brewing (Short) 

  • 2010   Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion (Video documentary) 

  • 2009   Real Birth Stories (Video documentary) 

  • 2008   In the Tent (Short) 

  • 2008   Credo

  • 2003   The Sportsman (Short) 

  • 2000   Music & Sound Design - Five Plays in Five Days, London (UK)

  • 1998   Pink Pumpkins at Dawn (Video) 

  • 1998   Still Crazy (music programmer) 

  • 1998   Music & Sound Design - Five Plays in Five Days, London (UK)

  • 1997   String arrangements - Hello, The Family of Free Love (1997)

  • 1996   Skinflick (Short) 

  • 1995   The Method (Short) (Composer and Sound Design)

  • 1995   B Movie Status (Short)

Kim’s work can be found at, on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. 

On the press release for Kim Halliday’s Birdsong in Mist, it says “File Under: Classical [Contemporary and Avant Garde].” While you’re at it, however, please also file it under “Experimental,” “Electronic,” and “Face-Bashing All-Out Guitar Assault.” Because that’s what you’ll be getting on this deliciously and intriguingly diverse disc.   

Hypnagogue Reviews

Independent Horror Movie Awards - Best Music (Original Score 2015)

Independent Horror

What do you get if you cross movie composer Bernard Herrmann (Psycho) and the sound of Sonic Youth? Well, more than likely you’d get something close to the music of Kim Halliday and his new album ‘Halflight’.